Kuna mom concerned about student safety at bus stops

    Video shows multiple cars illegally passing stopped school bus, mom concerned

    A Kuna mother is frustrated tonight, after posting a video showing multiple cars passing a stopped school bus as her two daughters try to board safely.

    Tonight, that video is gaining attention and school bus transportation officials say they are concerned.

    "No one is going 20 and they are just flying, it's frustrating," says Catherine Bonaminio.

    Bonaminio walks her daughters to the bus stop every morning for school.

    "The issue is the life of the child. Think about it, there have been several students that have been killed lately in various states, simply because someone would not stop at those flashing red lights....that's sad. Daily there is daily stop arm violations it's a common problem and it does need to stop."

    Regina Fronteras the Student Management Coordinator with Cascade Transportation Services tells CBS 2 News this is something her drivers deal with every single day.

    She says many people are unaware of the laws.

    So we asked the experts.

    "If this is a school bus stopped in this lane and you have a car coming, they need to stop in that other lane," says Fronteras.

    She says that is the same rule with any three lane roads, turn lanes included.

    But laws are different for four lane roads.

    "We have two lanes going one direction and two lanes going the other direction, and we have a clear median," Fronteras says. "Now if you are a bus stopped over here and there is a car over here, they do not have to stop, lane three can also continue going, that's because it is illegal for us to cross students across a four lane highway."

    And for every driver that doesn't abide by the rules, bus driver are watching.

    So now breaking the law, could land you with a ticket after the fact.

    "I am the one that does report it for our location, we submit that to the state," Fronteras says.

    Each violation is sent to Idaho State Police and if you're found in violation you could get a ticket sent to your home anywhere from $100 to $500 dollars.

    Cascade Transportation Services want to remind the community to take it easy and always abide by Idaho law when it comes to buses stopping, it could save a child's life.

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