Caught on camera: North Bend community complains after mail carrier seen tossing packages

A North Bend neighborhood says they’re tried of their packages being tossed around. Their mail carrier has been seen on multiple security cameras tossing packages onto porches instead of walking them to the doorsteps. (Photo: KOMO News)

NORTH BEND, Wash. - It’s the busiest time of year for the U. S. Postal Service, with more people shopping online, more packages are arriving on consumer’s doorsteps.

Cyber Monday marked one of the busiest online shopping day in history, according to the National Retail Federation.

That means the Postal Service and delivery companies are swamped this week with packages.

But, one North Bend neighborhood says they’re tired of their packages being tossed around.

“It’s frustrating,” said Jordan Berry, who lives in the Wilderness Rim Community of North Bend.

Berry is one of several neighbors who have captured the neighborhood postal carrier on camera tossing packages into porches.

“All you have to do is just walk a couple steps and place it down,” said Berry. “You don’t need to throw packages; you don’t know if it’s fragile.”

Neighbors in the community said this type of delivery by the Postal Service has become all too common. Shipped items, they say, are showing up broken or damaged.

“I was very disappointed that the postal service would handle packages that way,” said Alan Labissoniere.

That’s because on Monday the same postal carrier tossed Labissoniere‘s delivery onto his porch the very same way.

“People order packages for Christmas and they are just thrown like garbage onto the door step,” said Labissoniere.

But on Tuesday, our KOMO camera was rolling as the same mail carrier properly placed a box on Labissoniere‘s porch.

When asked, why she didn't take those extra steps the day before, the postal worker replied, "Do you know how many packages we get?"

She declined to comment further.

The USPS released this statement to KOMO News on Tuesday: “This manner of delivery is not acceptable at the Postal Service and the issue has been addressed with the employee and the customer. We take pride in delivering the 5 billion packages Americans are expected to entrust with us in 2017 -- including more than 850 million packages during the busy holiday season -- and the majority of those arrive swiftly and intact.”

Neighbors in North Bend hope their packages will be handled with more care.

“It’s just the concept and the principal,” said Berry. “It’s not yours and you didn’t purchase it. Treat it with respect.”

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