Deer has no fear, decides to check out young Ohio hunters

    An 11 and 9-year-old from Central Ohio will never forget their first squirrel hunting experience, thanks to a very curious young buck (Courtesy: Gary Simons)<p>{/p}

    It was supposed to be their first time out squirrel hunting, but it was a deer that gave a couple young boys an experience in the woods they'll likely never forget.

    Gary Simons says he took his sons out to the woods Saturday morning and as they were sitting their with rifles looking for squirrels, a young buck wandered right into their spot. Simons pulled out his phone and began recording as the deer sniffed his sons, looked around on the ground for food, and then even began licking his pant leg.

    The parents say the 11 and 9-year-olds were so excited about the encounter they couldn't wait to tell their teachers Monday morning.

    Their mom Brittany Simons says her 9-year-old son even tried to fire his gun at one point to scare the deer off, but this was one buck who hasn't learned about hunting yet. Curiosity - and perhaps a scent - seemed to get the best of the buck, who even licked the phone at one point.

    Apparently not satisfied with what he'd taste, the deer wanders back off into the woods.

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