"Donut Boy" travels from Florida to Boise to thank officers

    "Donut Boy" visits Boise

    10-year-old Tyler Carach has dedicated the last two years, and practically all of his free time, to men and women in uniform. He's traveled to 39 states, delivering donuts and smiles everywhere he goes.

    So why is a little boy spending his summers delivering donuts instead of hanging out with friends? To Tyler, the answer is simple.

    "Because police officers risk their lives every single day for total strangers and they're my heroes and best friends," said Tyler Carach.

    It all started when Tyler asked his mother if he could use his allowance to buy four random officers mini donuts.

    She said yes, and the officers seemed extraordinarily grateful once he gifted them the tasty treats. He couldn't quite understand why such a small gift made them so happy.

    His mother explained, "Unfortunately some people judge a whole by a few and sometimes they're not very nice to police officers and sometimes have even hurt them and have even killed them because they are police officers," said Sheena Carach.

    That response made Tyler upset, so he decided he was going to thank every officer in America and buy them all donuts.

    And that's exactly what he's been doing.

    Tyler has delivered more than 70,000 donuts to officers around the country.

    Some of those donuts are donated or discounted by companies that appreciate the impact he's making on those who serve.

    "To have someone fly all the way from Florida to Idaho, that's amazing to know there's people out there that really really care about what we do," said Ada County Deputy Cheyanne Ketcham.

    The joy he can bring to people like Deputy Ketcham keeps Tyler going, but his work is far from over.

    Tyler says his goal is to at least get to all 50 states. If people continue to help fund his travels, he'll be able to do just that.

    To learn more about Tyler, you can check out his Facebook page, "I DONUT need a reason to THANK a cop."

    Boise's own Hilton Garden Inn Boise Spectrum sponsored Tyler and his mother for two nights. They also attended Thursday's event, and brought coffee for the officers to enjoy with their donuts.

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