Employee films man pouring out cases of water onto sidewalk

(Courtesy: Jessie Mercado)

An employee at a local Medford business filmed one man pouring out water bottles while another man helped him with the cases of water the two had in their possession.

The employee, Jessie Mercado, was appalled by the one man dumping the bottles onto the concrete on Biddle Road arguing other people would have better use for the water.

"These guys are out here wasting good assistance that we have," Mercado said. "There's other families who need it and don't get it and these guys are throwing it away like it's the thing to do, you know?"

Medford Police say there is nothing they can do about the men dumping the water unless it's stolen. Employees alongside Mercado say one of the men in the video frequently comes into restaurant and causes disturbances.

Mercado said he asked the man to leave the property multiple times permanently. Mercado believes both men are on food stamps, although that could not be confirmed to News 10. Mercado added he is on food stamps and that's why this incident "made [his] blood boil."

At the very least, Mercado hopes if people do dump out water bottles, they do it in the dirt so it goes back into the earth. Mercado argues there are many people across the country and the world who are in greater need of water and this dumping was a complete waste of more than six cases of 24 water bottles.

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