Finally! Kinder eggs are coming to the United States

    Kinder eggs are coming to the United States (Courtesy: Ferraro)

    It's a sweet treat you might have tried while adventuring overseas: a Kinder egg. The classic candy sold in Europe has surprise toys hidden inside, and they're definitely a fan favorite. However, a 1930's law banned the sale of foods that have non-edible items in the middle in the United States, meaning that Americans have been missing out on the treats.

    According to FOX News, that will change in time for the holidays. The Kinder Joy is making its way across the pond, safely packaged in two individual halves. One half has a surprise toy, while the other has two wafer balls in a chocolate cream to satisfy your craving.

    The eggs will first hit the shelves at Walmart on Black Friday for $1.34 each, and will only be available there for the first 30 days, before sales expand to other retailers.

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