Kansas resident doesn’t get mail thanks to giant snake

It took three animal control officers to remove a boa from a home in Kansas. (Photo: Overland Park PD)

Police said a big snake was discovered on the mailbox of a home in Overland Park, Kansas, on Friday.

The mail carrier called animal control for help after seeing it wrapped around a resident's mailbox.

Animal control identified it as a red-tailed boa.

“I assumed it was a wild snake, a black snake or something like that,” said Amy Nash, the responding animal control officer. “It was very, very large, much larger than I knew I could handle on my own, so I called my supervisor to come and help me get it down.”

It took three people to remove the snake.

Animal control said they re-homed it with a local snake expert before taking it to Great Plains SPCA.

The mail was not delivered Friday to that particular home, according to authorities

Police said they believe someone's pet escaped.

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