Meet the artists behind the new 'Big Idaho Potato'

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Chris and Sharolyn Schofield are the master sculptors behind the original giant potato, which came out of the oven roughly seven years ago.

Like any potato, it has decayed over time, and so the two artists are back to prepare the replacement.

"It's time to have a really solid potato that is easier to get down the road, and is a lot nicer for the crew to work with, and represents Idaho on a higher scale," said Chris Schofield, Schofield Design.

The new potato skin will be made of fiberglass, as opposed to concrete, making it much more durable out on the road.

It's a long process, they're finishing up phase 1 of a 3-step process; creating the model potato that will be used to make a fiberglass mold.

"We're at a point now in this project where it's our favorite part of it and, also our least favorite part of it, it's the scariest point where it has to be just right," said Sharolyn Schofield, Schofield Design.

The process is down to scraping, carving, and evening spackling out the detail of the skin on what will become an Idaho Russet Burbank potato.

"They do have a unique characteristic with the 'russetting' and so we really dived into that shape and that texture and just tried to make it spot on, and think that's what helped a lot was focusing on those little tiny details," said Sharolyn.

Once the texture of the model is just right, they'll create a fiberglass mold.

"We shoot the entire model with fiberglass...and then cut it off," said Chris.

The mold will then be used to create the final product.

"You put the mold back together, you get inside and you shoot the final product inside the mold, the mold comes off and you have a fiberglass potato which is our product, that's an exact replica of the model," said Chris.

The new potato is very similar in size to the original, it still towers 13 and a half feet tall, but will be a little slimmer to make traveling on road easier.

The new potato will be perfected and ready to roll for ‘The Famous Idaho Potato Tour’ next Spring.

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