Pet goose flies free from farm life, tours Oregon in tutus and pearls

Lulu the goose has visited several popular tourist destinations in Oregon. The social and friendly goose is always seen wearing a pearl collar and leash and a tutu diaper. Photo courtesy Chinatsu Mori

PORTLAND, Ore. – Oregon is known for its Ducks. But don’t be surprised if you see a glamorous goose gallivanting around the state.

Lulu the American Buff goose is not letting the fact that she’s a farm animal hold her back from seeing the world.

On top of her already silky gray feathers, Lulu is often clad in a collar and leash of pearls and a brightly colored tutu – making her difficult to miss when she visits Oregon landmarks.

Like any dog, Lulu’s owner, Chinatsu Mori, loads her in the car when the family goes on trips. Lulu is packed safely in a carrying bag and secured with a seatbelt.

So far, the goose has visited Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach and Hug Point State Park on the Oregon coast, as well as Vista House and Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge. She has also made stops at Bridgeport Village, local parks and public and private schools.

Wherever Lulu goes, her owner invites everyone to pet her and feed her.

“Knowing many people can be scared of geese and may believe that geese are mean birds, I enjoy educating them about Lulu so that their fear will be lessened,” Mori said in an email. “Lulu does exceptionally well in public situations, never hissing or biting at anyone.”

To avoid any messes that Lulu might make during her travels, Mori has created a practical wardrobe for her pet.

“I have taken the time to design, and make [a] diaper harnesses for her that [is] efficient, and appropriate in public,” Mori said. “These help protect Lulu and the environment. Additionally, they are super cute on her!”

Lulu sports the various diapers on her Instagram account where she’s hoping to gain a flock of followers as she travels around the Northwest.

When she isn’t traveling the state, Lulu lives indoors with her family.

Lulu the goose turned 7 years old on May 2. Her owners adopted her in 2011 from Metzer Farm in Gonzales, Calif.

Mori and her son, Taishi, were inspired to adopt a goose after they befriended a goose that lived at a pond at the Hillsboro Library Book Station. They named this goose Lou Lou and they visited him almost every day for months.

“Lou Lou recognized our voice and even when he was far, far away in the pond, Lou Lou always came to us,” Mori said. The goose would eat out of their hands and even let Mori hold him.

On Dec. 31, 2010, Mori said she and her son went to see Lou Lou as usual and were shocked to find him dead near the pond.

Mori said they were very sad when Lou Lou passed away, but he inspired them to get a goose of their own.

Five months later, the Moris became the proud owners of Lulu the goose.

Mori says she takes Lulu to as many places as she can. She hopes to take the goose to Seattle sometime this year.

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