Woman recounts when a baseball bat went through her car's window on I-5

A bat thrown off a freeway overpass went through a car on Interstate 5 on Saturday. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE (KOMO) -- Aileen Miles and her husband were on their way to shop on Saturday when it happened.

A baseball bat thrown from an Interstate 5 overpass shattered their car window.

A matter of inches in either direction could have been the difference between minor and serious injuries.

"The baseball bat coming through almost smack in the middle of the car, and it took out the rear view mirror," recounted Miles.

For the first time, she is describing publicly what happened.

She and her husband, where shocked and scared, but she walked away with a minor injury and no one else was hurt.

That baseball-bat-turned-missile happened right in the middle of I-5 southbound HOV in Seattle. It was around 1:15 p.m..

"It's just sad whoever, they either need to get punished or they need help," said the mother of four, whose kids were not with her and her husband at the time.

State Patrol says an unknown persont threw the bat off the Pike Street overpass, just as the couple approached.

There was traffic all around them.

One minute the couple was on their way to Westfield Southcenter to shop.

They never saw the bat coming. They only heard it hit.

Miles described it as an ear-crushing explosion.

She thought they'd been in a crash.

"It was so loud ... literally I heard this ringing, and my husband's voice muffled in the background," said Miles.

She's so thankful she was looking down at her phone when the bat pierced the windshield.

Instead of her eyes the top of her head was hit by flying glass.

She described the cut on top of her head as minor, but the blood from it splattered onto her husband's face.

Glass was everywhere, in her hair, down her shirt, all over the front seats.

Her husband was not hurt, "He was amazing." He kept them safe after the bat's handle landed upright on the gear shift box between their two seats, the top part of the bat protruding through the other side of the glass.

She said he threw on the hazard lights, had her call 911 and slowed down safely.

The Washington State Patrol says that kind of scare could have triggered a chain-reaction crash.

"We were blessed, God must have said, 'No you're not going to hurt this one.' "

The State Patrol says Seattle police got a call about seeing an unknown suspect walking away from the overpass.

WSP says police checked it out, but didn't find anyone.

If you saw anything or have any information, you are asked to call police.

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