Young couple saves up money to build house by living in converted school bus

A couple, who are also Lamar University students, saved up money for years in order to buy land and build their house in Beaumont. (Photo: KFDM)

(KFDM) -- LaTroy Gable Jr. and his fiance are what they say is 'weeks away' from finishing up their new Beaumont home, just as they expect to add another into their family.

"She's due in two weeks, so we kind of want to just hurry up and get moved in by that time," says Gable.

The two Lamar University students have juggled jobs, internships, school work and now a newborn to buy land on Utica Street in Beaumont.

The way they saved up?

"We were living inside the school bus for a while to save up money so we didn't pay rent," says Gable.

The couple lived in the school bus for a year and a half, saving tens of thousands of dollars on rent.

Ernest Green lives across the street from the newly built house, and says he has great admiration for what the couple is doing.

"Most kids would be trying to get fancy cars... he's starting a house and trying to get, and got pretty much done. I was surprised and amazed," says Green.

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