Holiday wish comes true: Thousands of Christmas cards sent to boy with autism

    Holiday wish comes true: Thousands of Christmas cards sent to autistic boy (KOMO News)

    DES MOINES, Wash. -- Apollo Williams and his mother Barbara Miller call the mess piled up in their living room a “Christmas miracle.”

    KOMO News introduced you to Apollo earlier this month. The 11-year-old has autism, and his mother told us he has trouble making friends. Only one kid came to Apollo’s birthday party this year. So with Christmas approaching she asked anyone willing to send a Christmas card to her son, to show him he has friends.

    Santa delivered.

    Since our story aired, cards have been flooding in and piling up, carrying messages of love and support for Apollo.

    Thousands of cards have arrived from all over the world – across Asia and Europe all the way to Canada. They received a sheriff’s badge from Missouri and a giant bear from students in Texas.

    “I’m probably going to be in the Guinness book of world records,” Apollo exclaimed looking at the pile. “Look how many cards I have!”

    “That made me feel so good as a parent,” Miller said. “That people still have a good heart. That people are still willing to do something as simple as write a card to make sure somebody has a holiday experience that they never have.”

    It’s a lesson Miller found buried in her new living room mess. That the best gifts don’t just come from Santa; they’re delivered from the heart.

    “He definitely has a lot of people thinking about him,” Miller said. “And he knows he’s not alone.”

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