Domoic acid closes Oregon Coast to razor clamming from Umpqua River to California border

(SBG File image)

WINCHESTER BAY, Ore. - The Oregon Coast is now closed to recreational razor clamming from the south jetty of the Umpqua River south to the California border, the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announced Friday.

The closure is in response to elevated levels of domoic acid toxin in the clams.

Recreational razor clamming remains open from the north jetty of the Umpqua River north to Tillamook Head.

From Tillamook Head to the Columbia River, razor clamming is closed for conservation purposes unti September 30.

The state tests shellfish weekly for toxins.

Re-opening of an area requires two consecutive tests below the closure limit," the state said in a statement.

For more information please call the ODA Shellfish Safety Hotline at (800) 448-2474 or visit the ODA Recreational Shellfish Biotoxin Closures webpage.

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