Ocean salmon seasons off Southern Oregon coast in jeopardy

File photo of a chinook salmon

MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) — Continued problems with Sacramento River salmon survival means there likely will be very little, maybe even zero, sport and commercial salmon fishing this summer off the Southern Oregon coast.

The Medford Mail Tribune says preliminary stock assessments estimate only 229,400 Sacramento River fall chinook will be in the ocean. That's 1,300 fewer than last year's small run, whose protection shut down sport and commercial chinook fishing off Southern Oregon.

Salmon managers heading into the Pacific Fishery Management Council's March 8-14 meeting say they think the council will be able to propose at least possible sport and commercial seasons with as little impact to Sacramento stocks as possible.

The Pacific Fishery Management Council will set its final season recommendations when it meets April 5-11 in Portland. The federal Department of Commerce has the final say in setting ocean-fishing seasons.


Information from: Mail Tribune

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