Work begins to control Bandon Marsh mosquitoes

BANDON, Ore. - After a mosquito infestation near the Bandon Marsh Wildlife Refuge last summer, residents are hoping it doesn't happen again this year.

US Fish & Wildlife Service issued a permit for Coos County Public Health to do monitoring at the site back in March.

Public health has also contracted Vector Disease Control International to spray Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, or Bti, on the Ni-les'tun Unit of Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge.

The spraying will happen every 8-10 days depending on the tide from now until about September.

A spray was completed Friday, May 30. The next spray will occur around June 13.

The county's new Vector Control Committee is now at the head of dealing with the issue.

They're also planing on distributing bat houses to residents as a way for natural predators to help with mosquito abatement.

While some residents saod there are fewer mosquitoes right now, they warn that the warmer months are coming and fear that not enough larvicide is applied a repeat of last year will happen.

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