Moms overdose on heroin with kids in SUV: Police

Kristen O'Connor and June Schweinhart are facing child neglect charges. (Boynton Beach Police)

Two moms are facing child neglect charges after police found them overdosing in an SUV with two babies in the backseat, according to an arrest report from Boynton Beach police.

Police on Thursday responded to a medical call on Woolbright Road, just west of South Federal Highway.

Paramedics had one woman loaded up in an ambulance. The second woman was unconscious in the passenger seat. Both were taken to Bethesda Hospital East.

Boynton Beach Police found the two infants properly strapped in their car seats. They were removed from the SUV.

Police spoke to 27-year-old Kristen O'Connor at the hospital. She said she met 28-year-old June Schweinhart in a drug treatment program. They were both pregnant. O'Connor said the two women hit it off because they had the same due date.

The woman told police she got a text from her old drug dealer and decided to go buy $60 worth of heroin. O'Connor said they bought the heroin and snorted some of it.

O'Connor told police she let Schweinhart take the wheel, thinking she could drive better while under the influence of heroin, according to the report.

Both women were scheduled to appear in court Friday morning.

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