10-year-old rock climber from Eugene wise beyond her years

    10 year-old Fern Hambrick of Eugene (SBG)

    EUGENE, Ore. -- Maybe you weren't planning on getting life advice from a 10-year-old.

    But Fern Hambrick is no ordinary 10-year-old.

    "Usually, when you go for it, you succeed," she says. "You're not gonna succeed all the time and it takes a lot of effort and a lot of tries and a lot of, you know, failure."

    Fern's always been wise beyond her years.

    "She's kind of always been a good problem solver," says Fern's mother, Ginger Haddock.

    And that problem solving works great with climbing. "It's not only physical," Haddock says, "it's very mental. I mean, it's like solving a three-dimensional puzzle with your body."

    "Once you figure out the body position and where to put your foot or your hand, where to put it on the under-hanger, the jug, or the crimp or the pinch," Fern says, "and then you finally get that last move and you're up there."

    And Fern has quite a future.

    "Fern is an exceptional climber," says her coach, Lincoln James. "She definitely has the potential to do whatever she wants with her climbing."

    Even when it can sometimes be frustrating.

    "Actually yeah," Fern says, "I get frustrated a lot actually because I'm like, wow, this move is way too reachy."

    Fern says when she can't reach, or she falls, "I get immediately back up and start climbing it again."

    There's that 10-year-old wisdom.

    "The way that she approaches things mentally and also like, her passion," says coach James, "she's like one of the most amazing kids to coach."

    She's only ten, but she may just be coaching you.

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