Fifita, Rosa, Mafi suspended, Alamo Bowl status uncertain

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Mike Riley announced on Monday that the three Oregon State football players charged with misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct are suspended from the team indefinitely.

Rudolf Fifita, Mana Rosa and Dyllon Mafi were arrested Saturday morning outside of Impulse Bar and Grill in Corvallis.

"They are suspended right now and probably will remain that way from the team," said Riley. "I haven't yet had a chance to speak to them."

Riley wouldn't rule the three players out of the upcoming Alamo Bowl but said their status for the game remained uncertain.

If they miss the bowl game, Fifita's absence would hurt the most, as he had 25 tackles this season.

"All of these things are always about choices," said Riley. "Guys make their own beds so to speak. Not too much good happens at that time of day."

The players that were at practice on Monday said the arrests were not distracting to the team.

"Those guys are good friends and good teammates," said Jordan Poyer. "They are not those typical type of guys you know. They are some good guys, so I am praying for them and hopefully we will see them in a couple of days."

The three were released from jail Monday on conditions they not consume alcohol and they avoid contact with the victim.

The judge said the three may leave the state while the charges progress through the legal system.

According to Corvallis Police Lt. Cord Wood, the three players were at the Impulse Bar and Grill at 1425 NW Monroe when they got into an argument with a man and assaulted him.

A second person got involved in the fight and was also assaulted, Wood said.

  • Mafi, a junior linebacker, was booked on charges of assault (3rd degree), disorderly conduct and misrepresentation of age by a minor

  • Rosa, a junior defensive tackle, was booked on charges of assault (3rd degree) and disorderly conduct (2nd degree)

  • Fifita, a senior defensive end, was booked on charges of assault (3rd degree) and disorderly conduct (2nd degree). He is being held on $157,500 bail

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