"Graham Quake"? 12s cause stadium to shake as Seahawks score game-winning TD

Seismographs record the shaking from CenturyLink Field after Seattle's Jimmy Graham scores the game winning touchdown on Oct. 29, 2017 (Photo via Pacific Northwest Seismic Network)

SEATTLE -- First we had "Beast Quake." Now...."Graham Quake"?

The 12s shook CenturyLink Field so much when Russell Wilson found tight end Jimmy Graham for the game-winning touchdown with 21 seconds left in their 41-38 victory over Houston Sunday that it measured on local seismographs placed near the stadium.


Watch (courtesy of Pacific Northwest Seismic Network)

In case you missed the play, here's what caused the raucous ruckus in the stands:

The fan-generated quake was reminiscent of the reaction to Marshawn Lynch's epic 67-yard touchdown run during the 2011 playoffs against New Orleans. The run garnered so much cheering in the stands, the movement of 67,000 screaming fans registered on local seismographs.

The Seahawks went on to stun the Saints, 41-36 -- nearly the same score.

The seismograph is located inside a building on Occidental Ave. South just across the street from CenturyLink Field.

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