Taggart's tweet leaves fan bases with little reassurance

New Oregon Ducks Head Coach Willie Taggart looks back at his team after the conclusion of the 2017 Spring Game. The 2017 Oregon Ducks Spring Game provided fans their first look at the team under new Head Coach Willie Taggart’s direction. Team Free defeated Team Brave 34-11 on a sunny day at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon. Photo by Austin Hicks, Oregon News Lab

EUGENE, Ore. - It was announced on Sunday morning that the Oregon Ducks would be attending the Las Vegas Bowl to play the Boise State Broncos on December 16, but fans throughout the Willamette Valley are still anxiously waiting to hear the news that really matters.

Will head coach Willie Taggart be coaching the team in Las Vegas, or not?

Nothing concrete has been reported on whether or not Taggart will leave Oregon for the head coaching position at Florida State, or if he has even been offered the position at FSU. FootballScoop reported on Friday that he was expected to be offered the position.

On Sunday night, Taggart released a tweet that has many people speculating what his decision will be, although he said nothing specific on the potential move.

In an opinion piece from Scott Roussel at FootballScoop, the statement from Taggart is a way of telling his base that he will be staying at Oregon.

"Once again, no one made him issue this statement; and yes folks, in 2017, a tweet from his personal account is actually even better than a staff issued release," wrote Roussel. "These are his words. He chose them carefully."

In a press conference to discuss the Vegas Bowl bid on Sunday, Taggart again addressed the FSU rumors, and again answered questions of whether or not he would be the coach for Oregon in the bowl game.

"Why wouldn't I?" said Taggart. "I have a contract. I am going to practice, and it's going to be a damn good practice."

As for the tweet that was sure to keep both Oregon and Florida State fans up through the night, Taggart was characteristically flippant about it, saying that it gained him a lot of new followers.

As Oregon heads into its second week following the finish of the regular season, Taggart will give the Ducks time off for finals, while the staff is out recruiting.

Taggart will try and help smooth over concerns recruits have, and the Ducks have already lost one commit in Tre'Shaun Harrison because of the lack of assurance at the coaching position.

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